Deep within darkness creeps

Hooded creature begins to seek

Shut out the light, i dont wish u to see

This dark existence is now encapturing me

Nightmares so horrifying and real

Breathing dies, I will never heal




Tattoo: Waldorf design – Feel my Heart – SLURL

Hood: Storybook – Enigma – Black – The Salem Event – SLURL

Shirt: Schadenfreude Black Pentatank – The Salem Event – SLURL

Pants: Blueberry – Cake Leggings – SLURL

Shoes: #EMPIRE – Xyris – The Salem Event – SLURL


Hair: DOUX – Angel hairstyle [Brunettes] – SLURL

Tattoo 1: { Speakeasy } Blacken Tattoo Signature, OMEGA – Gacha Item From MP

Tattoo 2: Waldorf Design – Blackout Leg Tattoo – SLURL 

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