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Allright, ive been asked several times to do a review of the meshead from NO! Project. So i went to buy it to test it out. I bought the “NO!Project MeshHead_NOY” Version.  (I shall do my best on english here)  As i put it on and attached the hud i found several options for the hairbase and the beard.  Those was ok. But i could have wished for more face options, say expressions, as open mouth/closed mouth, eyes etc. I was happy to find there was an option to hide the ears, so one can add their own ears of choice, as i did.  It came with 3 skin options. Which was ok. Hopefully more will make appliers for it. A more dark version.  It fit perfectly with the meshbody i wear, from TMP, and i saw it also fits with the Slink. So that was really easy to match up.  Some of the mesh head earlier tested i had options for modding the head, say more round/long face and such. That wasnt possible with this, so thats a downside. I find it a tad to long/slim, and would have wished to mod it a bit. But with that said, i must also admit its really nice, realistic and different from all the rest out there. 

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